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When looking to replace my existing vehicle, which was also supplied by KFS, I didn’t want a recovery vehicle and spoke to KFS who recommended the Ultra; I needed a vehicle that offered me maximum payload within a 3.5 ton package, which is what the Ultra does.

Chris Ward, Chris Ward Motors

Transporters Case Study
AVT Logistics Ltd benefit from KFS Special Vehicles Car Transporter Engineering Expertise

AVT Logistics have for a number of years operated KFS beavertail car transporters for the moving of new cars all over the UK, for mainly the Audi and Volkswagen dealer network. William Beach, Managing Director of AVT Logistics approached KFS concerned at the i...

Beavertail Trucks and Transporters

Beavertail TruckKFS Special Vehicles takes pride in the quality and design of their beaver tail trucks and are proud to introduce the Citroen based 3.5 ton Beaver Tail into its specialist vehicle range.

The beaver tail transporters are built with the requirements of the customer in mind. There are several reasons why people choose to purchase a beaver tail lorry to transport cars. KFS Special Vehicles has taken these into account when designing their Beaver Tail trucks.

Beavertails for Vehicles and Plant

Beaver Tail trucks feature a beaver tail style loading ramp, hence their name, and are popular for recovery vehicles. The Beaver Tail truck is the ideal way to transport cars for motor dealers, breakdown and recovery services, car transportation and plant hire. Beaver Tails are especially useful for those that are frustrated by the limitations of a transporter trailer and need something more efficient, especially for those needing to travel long distances or along motorways.

3.5t Beavertail Specifications

Beavertail Slide BedThe light weight design of our Beaver Tail truck bodies offers an amazing 1600kg payload (maximum available). Our Beaver Tail trucks are available for sale complete with a host of standard features including:

  • 3 years /100,000 miles whole vehicle warranty
  • 2.2 litre 120 bhp engine
  • Low loading angle
  • Heavy duty alloy ramps
  • Drivers’ airbags
  • ABS brakes
  • Recessed tie rings
  • CD Radio

Beavertail Option Packs

The Beaver Tail base vehicle comes with two option packs to make conversion an easy process. Please contact us for a full range of options if you need something not included in the standard option packs. The beaver tail truck “Drive Away packages” available for sale include:

Option 1Beavertail transporter
  • Single beacon
  • Heavy duty tie down straps
  • Single work light
  • Tool locker

Option 2
  • Full light bar
  • Heavy duty tie down straps
  • Twin work lights
  • Tool locker
  • Vehicle Winch

If the above 3.5 tonne beaver tail truck for sale does quite meet your requirements please contact our team as we can design and build a bespoke beaver tail to suit your needs.

Contact Us Now

To take advantage of KFS Special Vehicles expertise in designing the Beaver Tail Transporter that you need, call us on 08456 526444 or complete the enquiry form today and make your vision for the beaver tail van you need become a reality.

We supply vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers:

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